Wednesday, January 01, 1997


  • The Best Films Of The Year:

  • 1. Sling Blade
    2. The English Patient
    3. Swingers
    4. Fargo
    5. Lone Star
    6. That Thing You Do!
    7. Ghost In The Shell
    8. The Ghost And The Darkness
    9. A Time To Kill
    10. Scream

    Weird, weird year. I spent a long time figuring out the last couple of films to include, leaving "Primal Fear", "The Rock" and "Jerry Maguire" all on the bench. "Scream" was only able to beat them out because of what a sensation Wes Craven was able to create. The sad thing is, as well constructed "Scream" was, its sequels were awful and the proliferation of teen horror flicks that kicked off as a result almost merit Craven’s deportation.

    In any case, the top spot this year went to "Sling Blade". Writer/Director/Star Billy Bob Thornton hit it out of the park with this film. He truly disappeared in the character and Lucas Black was a great choice as the little boy who befriends Thornton’s character. An outstanding effort all around, I’m glad this earned some recognition. "The English Patient" is one of those grand, sweeping love stories that was done right. Ralph Fiennes always seems to do a great job and director Anthony Minghella weaved the story just right.

    "Swingers" is one of my favorite movies of all time, though I’ve found the film resonates much better with men than women. Go ahead and quiz your friends. If more than 20% of the women you know like the film, start checking under their skirts. Also, I’m practically pissed that Jon Favreau was able to write this in only two weeks. Still, it really hit the mark about what it is to be struggling in southern California to find your identity. A special note of appreciation goes to the scene where you see the characters all driving separate cars and using the Club. That's what southern California is about!

    "Ghost in the Shell" is my personal choice as best anime film ever. The artwork is gorgeous and the story is compelling. It can be a bit slow at times, but if you consider yourself an anime fan, or would like to be, check this one out. Oddly enough, another film with ‘Ghost’ in the title made the list this year. Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer did a wonderful job in this film, which has such a compelling, true story that the film takes on a life of its own.

    As for most surprising film on the list, in my opinion, that goes to Tom Hanks’ "That Thing You Do!" One of the worst titles in recent memory, but one of my favorite films. I can watch it over and over and over again. Hanks and his cast did a great job of creating memorable characters and keeping the story moving forward. This film felt a little like a throwback to feel-good cinema, which has begun to disappear in American film, since gloom and doom seems to sell better.

  • The Worst Films Of The Year:

  • 1. Joe’s Apartment
    2. Mr. Wrong
    3. Eddie
    4. Michael
    5. Barb Wire

    These films are awful. Don’t attempt to see them, don’t even look at their covers at the video store. You’ll only go blind. I don’t even want to talk about them.

  • The Most Horrible Films That Are Fun To Watch:
  • 1. Twister
    2. The Craft
    3. The Quest
    4. Adrenaline: Fear The Rush
    5. Executive Decision

    Some fun films to watch while under the influence of a controlled substance this year. "Twister" possesses one of my favorite unbelievable escapes from death. How in the hell do you let one of the largest tornadoes pass THROUGH you, tossing tractor-sized debris around like confetti and not even stub a toe? Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton are the luckiest people on the face of the planet. If you see them betting on a horse, match their bet! Another thing going for Twister is that it’s directed by Jan de Bont. Just say his name like it’s one word and accentuate the last syllable. "jandeBONT". ... Isn’t that fun?

    "The Craft" was just gooey nonsense that somehow kept me entertained. Of course, Rachel True might have had something to do with it, she has one of the sexiest voices … … … Oh, sorry, lost track.

    "The Quest" has Jean-Claude Van Damme teaming up with 007 himself, Roger Moore. Fabulous. Adrenaline featured the Highlander, Christopher Lambert, and Natasha Henstridge From Species tracking down a man inflicted with a deadly virus in the future. Need I say more? And "Executive Decision" made the list because within the first 15 minutes, Steven Seagal gets killed. How great is that!

  • The Most Underrated Films Of The Year:

  • Freeway
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    "Freeway" was a dark, contemporary tale of Little Red Riding Hood and great, great fun for any movie buff. It featured a litany of established actors like Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Dan Hedaya, Amanda Plummer and Brittany Murphy, with a cameo by Brooke Shields. It’s a little out there, but it’s one of those little nuggets that only come around once in a while. Though if you have trouble with dark comedies, you might want to avoid this one. It may be too much for you.

    "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" is, perhaps, my favorite Disney film. They went a little darker in tone with this one, which I appreciate. And while they Disneyfied the actual tale, and made the ending a happy one, it’s still a great story with great songs and visuals. If you missed this one, and like animation at all, go out and rent it.


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